Our work

Whitstable Maritime has set some challenging objectives for itself over the coming years. Some of these, like those around Heritage Craft are already well underway, whilst others are still very much in the emerging stage. Equally we will undertake projects and events that are not specifically named in our objectives but are critcal to the core mission of Whitstable Maritime. 

Coastal Community Team



We, along with other Coastal Community Teams across the country, are looking to enable local leaders, volunteers and business to work together to make the most of local heritage and stunning coastal assets for both tourism and the development of opportunities for local employment and investment.

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Oyster Walk


Delve a little deeper into Whitstable's Maritime history and follow our self-guided walk to explore the sea front.

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The Gamecock

Gamecock in her mud berth

Prior to the acquisition of The Gamecock by Whitstable Maritime in 2014 she had been used locally for oyster dredging. She has most of her original fittings and is one of the very few Whitstable Oyster Yawls still afloat. 

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