Gamecock winter 2016/2017

Craft: Gamecock
Task: Heritage Maintenance
Skills: Carpentry
We knew there was going to be some rot to deal with ... looks like we will be overcoming a few more hurdles in the boat shed this winter.

Early Feb and we remove the mast to get her in the boat shed only to discover the mast is rather rotten.

Late Feb : Restoration underway.

Plank has been removed some rot !
Frames all look OK.
To replace this plank we need to use a steam box to make the turn to the stem head.
Fits nicely in the boatshed !

March : Restoration work in progress at Swale Marina.

Jim our Shipwright on the left and Richard 1st mate on the sailing crew working together.
Richard is doing a boat building course in Lowestoft, a course that Jim did 20 years ago.

Gamecock currently has no deck and we need repairs to some frames and the stern post.  

April and May : Busy months in the restoration.

New rudder post, new planks.
Wood has been cut, chiselled, steamed and fastened.