Oyster Walk

Self-guided walks

Oyster Walk Leaflet [PDF]We wanted to make sure that everyone has a chance to delve deeper into Whitstable’s History beyond our guided walks on Harbour Day, so we created a self-guided walk and information leaflet. To do the self-guided walk, you can download the PDF leaflet to your smartphone or tablet (and print it if you like), or collect the printed version from The Horsebridge Arts Centre. Each of the numbered stops in the guide is linked to an explanatory page on this website. If you are viewing the PDF on your device, just tap the corresponding QR code. If you have the printed leaflet and a smartphone, you can get to the explanatory page by scanning the QR code*.

We prepared the notes for each stop just for Harbour Day and whilst we have tried to be as accurate as possible we may have the odd fact or location wrong! Feel free to let us know anything you know isn't quite right.

This is a pilot for a bigger ‘coastal walk’ project we are working on when we will ensure that everything is correct. If you would like to know more about the coastal walk or would like you to help us by telling us what information you would like to be able to access if you were using the ‘coastal walk’ app please contact us.

You can follow the numbered route starting at the Horsebridge Centre and finishing at the Harbour, but you can do the walk and access the codes in any order you like. Hope you have fun! 


*Requires internet access. iPhones and newer Android phones have QR scanning built into the camera app. On older Android phones, you may need to install a QR code scanner app.

Oyster Walk self guided