Meet the team

Whistable Maritime has been established with a board of Directors and an Extended Management Team. The Directors have legal responsibility for the organisation and are limited in number to between 6 to 8 individuals. The Extended Management Team consists of up to 24 individuals, who will generally work in teams to deliver certain aspects of the operation.


Mark Dance
Mark has always been an enthusiastic sailor with a deep interest in Whitstable history. Leading the way with Heritage Craft for Whitstable Maritime, Mark is skipper of the Gamecock as well as the chair. Mark started out as a Hydrographic Surveyor for Tom Bourne and Partners in Whitstable Harbour and is now Kent County Councillor for Herne Bay East and all of Whitstable. He has served as Secretary for the Kent Sail Association for 10 years and has also owned 'Mutual Friend', a traditional Smack replica for 12 years.
Gordon Vincent
Prior to retirement Gordon had a career in two County Councils and one Unitary Authority as a teacher, project manager, Education Adviser, OFSTED Registered Inspector, and Workforce Strategy Manager (Childrens Services). During that time he served on two national bodies and part-wrote a number of publications. He founded an Outdoor Education Centre in Cumbria for children from Milton Keynes (see and the Buckinghamshire Academy for School Leadership (see Since retiring Gordon founded Whitstable Maritime Ltd and became leader of the Coastal Communities Team. As regards the Board of Whitstable Maritime, Gordon's strengths are in strategic planning, change management and networking. He believes people perform best when they share aspirations and have an opportunity to demonstrate what they can achieve, whilst the best decisions are those developed through collaboration. Gordon enjoys political and social history, anything nautical, photography and hill walking - not a very useful pastime on the coast.
Barrie Green
Jeremy Fry
Zoe Cloke
Roger Blake-Jelley
Roger is a self employed independent energy broker, having always been self employed working for most of his life in businesses relating to the retail motor industry including vehicle manufacturer promotions and training. He has quite a broad practical experience. Boats and sailing have been part of Roger's life since an early age. He was born in Kent and has lived in this area all his life, ten years of which in Whitstable. Roger joined Whitstable Maritime to help with and sail the Gamecock knowing nothing of it’s aspirations, before joining it's board of directors following a great deal of involvement with the organisation.
Millie Brierley
Millie is a retired photographer/college lecturer in photography with a degree and masters in photography, studied as a communications subject. She has worked as a freelance portrait photographer and taught GCSE and A'Level photography. Millie has worked on photographic social documentary projects which focused on raising awareness about the NHS and care in the community and at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge where she lived for over 30 years.
Andrew Reader
As a Whitstable resident and an architect Andrew has an interest in the successful development of the town’s educational and cultural offering. Whitstable Maritime is of particular interest to him as he believes that the offer is unique to this area of Kent. "WM has the potential to bring together local and national strands of heritage, culture and learning in an inspiring and vital way." Andrew is an RIBA and ARB registered architect with 15 years experience working in the cultural, education and heritage sectors, designing a number of award winning buildings. Many of the projects have involved working with public sector clients and Local authorities. His experience also includes working on projects with a range of funding structures (HLF, Arts Council etc). Andrew kindly offers these skills to WM to help with the development of the Discovery Centre project.